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How to much stop motion


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http://stopmotionnow.blogspot.com We use a device to capture images: a digital camera, mobil phone or a webcam. Perform continuous photo shots, each image variant slightly from the previous, thus creating the illusion of an animation, as in cartoons and short films with plasticine dolls. The animation is done frame by frame. Displace slowly the position of the dolls, pictures or drawings in each image capture, depending of the movement you want to give and the story to be told. We need 12 to 24 images per second. With a video editor or a specific computer application we can connect the frames to create each sequence and add audio later. To make a chroma or merge images we put them on a blue or green background fussing them with a video editor that has this option. Materials can be cardboard cutouts, clay figures, objects or dolls. For every second of action are needed 12 frames per second that once captured we join them in the video editor where we can also accelerate. The CUT-OUT is the animation with paper, clothes or cardboard. The characters are animated on funds drawn on cardboard or paper can be used also photographs, magazine cut, coloured paper, cardboard scenarios. The illusion of movement is created by moving the characters slowly across the set, on flat bottoms scenery green or blue if we merge the images on a chroma. Claymation is to capture images of figures malleable as clay and plasticine. In professional animations use these materials on wire structures or action figures. There are video editors and postproduction programs that creates chroma effects, change colours and improve the quality of the images for professional use. For the realisation of this introductory tutorial the images were captured with a simple digital camera and a low resolution webcam. This video has been edited with the program imove and the sound created with app Nodebeat.




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